Love & Loss: A story should be told.

Summary: The award winning documentary Love & Loss follows two surprisingly strong women: Karen Crespo & Nicole Evans. Both women are vibrantly physically disabled; however, Nicole was born disabled while Karen became disabled later in life. There is a tremendous difference between being born with a disability and becoming disabled later. Nicole has had the past 30 years to cope with and learn to embrace her disability while Karen had deal with both the physical and emotional trauma almost overnight. Despite their trials, these women are taking steps to find love in their lives. Through the observation of the dating lives of theirs, this film explores the challenging and often unconventional intimate relationships of physically-impaired individuals, as well as how those individuals define and live their lives within the context of their disabilities.

Director Statement: My first encounter with the disabled community was at a very young age when I lived in China. In China, I used to see many disabled homeless people on the streets. As a child, I would always ask my dad to spare some change for them. A couple years ago, one of my best friends died of brain cancer. Prior to her cancer, she lost her vision in a car accident. Despite her lack of vision, she had the biggest heart and the most positive attitude towards life. However, she never experienced love, a boyfriend or a relationship. Love was what she was missing the most in her short period of life. These experiences prompted me to start paying attention to the disabled community. It is my goal for this documentary to be as warm and intimate as possible. I believe it is similarly important to highlight that these people all have an appreciation for joy and humor despite their everyday hardships and obstacles.

美华人学生导演残疾人纪录片 入围学生奥斯卡决赛

中新网8月15日电 据美国侨报网报道,刚刚从南加州大学电影学院研究生毕业的华人学生李怡瑛(Nikki Li),凭借在校期间的毕业作品《山间一日》(Love&Loss)闯入学生奥斯卡,13日与其它6部作品一同进入学生奥斯卡最佳纪录短片单元的决赛名单。










The Academy has voted 19 students as winners of the 45th Student Academy Awards® competition.  This year, the Student Academy Awards competition received a total of 1,582 entries from 278 domestic and 122 international colleges and universities, which were voted upon by a record number of Academy members.  The 2018 winners join the ranks of such past Student Academy Award winners as Patricia Cardoso, Pete Docter, Cary Fukunaga, John Lasseter, Spike Lee, Trey Parker, Patricia Riggen and Robert Zemeckis.

Alternative (Domestic Film Schools)
Shae Demandt, “Reanimated,” Florida State University

Animation (Domestic Film Schools)
Yu Yu, “Daisy,” University of Southern California
Hanna Kim, “Raccoon and the Light,” California Institute of the Arts
Eaza Shukla, “Re-Gifted,” Ringling College of Art and Design

Animation (International Film Schools)
Pierre Perveyrie, Maximilien Bougeois, Marine Goalard, Irina Nguyen-Duc and Quentin Dubois, “The Green Bird,” MOPA

Documentary (Domestic Film Schools)
Mathieu Faure, “An Edited Life,” New York University
Lauren Schwartzman, “Dust Rising,” University of California, Berkeley
Yiying Li, “Love & Loss,” University of Southern California

Documentary (International Film Schools)
Mart Bira, “Nomadic Doctor,” University of Hertfordshire

Narrative (Domestic Film Schools)
Brian Robau, “Esta Es Tu Cuba”/“This Is Your Cuba,” Chapman University
Kelley Kali, “Lalo’s House,” University of Southern California
Hua Tong, “Spring Flower,” University of Southern California

Narrative (International Film Schools)
István Kovács, “A Siege,” University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest
Lisa Gertsch, “Almost Everything,” Zurich University of the Arts
Jonatan Etzler, “Get Ready with Me,” Stockholm University of the Arts